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Value today for a better tomorrow

We at Lifecycle Packaging Australia have a moral obligation to the environment as the procurement of sustainable & ethically sourced packaging has never been more paramount.

We believe that the sustainability of a packaged product should have absolutely no bearing on its ability to be structurally sound, fit for purpose not overpackaged and has the ability to make products shine.

All raw materials our company sources are:
  • FSC certified or PEFC certified and
  • Recyclable, Naturally Degradable
A further commitment will also be our NOco2 certification.

The NoCO2 Carbon Neutral Program is the longest running and market leading climate change certification program in Australia. It has a reputation as the benchmark for carbon
neutral and low carbon certification programs in Australia. The Carbon Reduction Institute follows international best practice standards and have developed proprietary
processes, systems, and factors to underpin our analysis and assessments.

We will be investing in local environmental replenishment initiatives as well as community outreach programs so that we are held to the highest level of accountability.

We will not be wasting money on fancy marketing or PR just focusing on producing sustainably manufactured local products, supporting Australian jobs in Australian
communities, that way we can see an immediate uncompromised result of our investments that can really be measured through community and environmental engagement.

Our preference is to give back to the people that give us an opportunity to collaborate with them.